Selecting the Right Person for Fine Art Wedding Photography

A wedding is such a happy turning point of our life, that we want to capture the golden moments and keep them fresh in our memory forever. And therefore it is very important that you opt for fine art wedding photography to make your wedding moments more beautiful, more memorable each time you see your pictures.

And when it comes to clicking pictures of your wedding day, you simply can not take any risk. This day would not get repeated and so it is a one time opportunity to capture the day in beautiful snap shots. You have to be very very confident about the photographer and the fine art wedding photography you can expect.

Wedding photography is not like any other kind of photography. First of all the photographer should understand the importance the day holds for you and your partner. Therefore utmost care should be maintained. Secondly, unlike in other kind of photography, here you will have less chance to be ready or pose for the shots.

Most of the photographs have to be spontaneous where you may or may not be ready. There lies the skills of the one who holds the camera. The photographer has to know when to take the shots and from which position.

But how do you select a good photographer? Unfortunately, that is not an easy task. And you have a lot of risk involved as well. You can go to the various studios, browse through various web based photographers’ sites but you can never be sure since its only after the photographs get developed and delivered, you get to see the actual result.

Starting a Business in Wedding Photography

Becoming a Professional Wedding Photographer

Creating a successful wedding photography business is a lot of hard work but doesn’t come without its rewards. Just because you can take a good picture doesn’t mean that you are ready to start your own wedding photography business. There are many stages involved in building a successful wedding photography business. Believing in yourself and your abilities as a photographer is essential in starting your new business in wedding photography.

Some things to consider when starting out. What makes your images unique, for example, are your images more of a photojournalistic style capturing candid moments, and working in all natural light? or do you enjoy working with off camera flash in a studio like setting. Always be true to yourself, find your own creative style. If you perfect your skills in a certain style of photography you’re passionate about this is the best way to building confidence in yourself. Practice on friends and family, but don’t take their word for how good your work is as naturally they are going to be bias. The average customer you will get as a wedding photographer is going to be more critical about your work.

You might be wondering how to get exposure out in the field? You currently have no portfolio to show potential clients, and no experience dealing with new clients. From my experience, one of the best ways to start out in the Wedding Photography business and start building your portfolio is to find work as an assistant or second shooter for an already established photographer or studio. This is the best way gain confidence, and get first hand experience not just for producing some great images, but also customer service and learn how to direct a shoot. Even at this early stage you should always carry a backup camera.

I wouldn’t recommend taking on a friends wedding as the main photographer, this is way too much of a responsibility, even if you think you are well prepared. Its their special day and shouldn’t be time for you to practice wedding photography.

You need to also be critical of your photography. Know that you’re good, but also know where there is room for improvement. Rather than trying to compete with a million other wedding photographers out there, set yourself a personal high standard. If your not at the level you need to be at, find a photographers work that you admire, research what makes them successful, understand the quality of work they have to offer and know whats involved in producing it. Forget about the rest, there are a lot of ordinary photographers out there too. Remember you need to aim high. Research what you need to get to that high level. You can never spend enough time researching new photographic methods and the latest equipment on the market. Always use your camera in manual mode, know your equipment like the back of your hand. This will give you the confidence and practical skill that you will need as a professional.

It is also of great importance to be proficient in post processing, spend plenty of time using Lightroom and photoshop, buy photography magazines, watch tutorials online, you can educate yourself, as everything you need for honing your photographic skills is online. I’ve always thought that if you do a course in photography, you are only ever going to be as good as the person that teaches you, their technique is not necessarily the best, teaching yourself builds more confidence, you are learning your own style not someone else’s!

After gaining some experience as a second shooter, and you have your own portfolio, you might be thinking that your ready to begin your own business, remember not to don’t rush into it. Try to save as much money as you can from your assisting work to go towards advertising your business. If you have enough work on as a paid second shooter you can think about advertising your business locally and online, and see what kind of response you get. If you have a good contact that you are assisting for that has plenty of work, I wouldn’t recommend moving on to your own business until you are close to fully booked for a year.

When setting your prices an important factor is knowing your value. don’t set your prices too low, people will second guess your quality, even if you do great work, they will perceive it differently. Of course don’t charge too much either if you are just starting out, you don’t want to lose clients because you’re too expensive! I find smack bang in the middle is a good option. That way clients won’t second guess your prices. If they like your work enough they normally have a set budget for their wedding photography, and they’ll hire you. The average for photographic coverage with all images in high-resolution on a disk is $2500, this doesn’t include an album, but with the disk they can print as many photos as they like for their own personal use, and perhaps create their own album.

Establish a relationship with a local print lab learn about the proper conversion of files from digital to print, get some test prints done and figure out what type of finish best displays your work. Make sure you have a logo, and business email, its these finishing touches that make a big difference in how you present your business.

Look into wedding album suppliers, and have some ideas for when a client requests an album, getting a sample album made up is a good option, you can take this or an iPad with you to show clients your portfolio.

When running your own wedding photography business, start locally. Pick an area and start advertising with local business linked to weddings. That includes:

Dress makers

Cake makers

limo drivers

wedding planners

wedding venues etc.

Get some quality business cards and brochures made up to give to them. A good idea is to offer a finders fee for any referrals. 10-20% is a good amount. This will mean that they will be actively promoting you by passing on your business cards, and brochures and recommending your work to new customers looking for photographers.

After registering your business, you should be promoting your own website online. A great way is doing some SEO – search engine optimisation, again, this takes a lot of time and research, but you will reap the rewards if you put the hard work in. There are great tools online that will scan your website for keywords, meta titles and tags, this is how people find your website. If you don’t promote it online, you will not have a presence. People will never see your work. Pick only your best images to display online. offers some great web templates specific to a professional photographers needs with pages in HTML format which you need for optimising your site. Make sure you monitor your site online using Google analytics and web master tools. If its not performing as well as you’d hoped, you can do tweak as necessary by doing more SEO.

There are plenty of wedding photography business listings online that are worthwhile to sign upto, a lot are free, and some can charge $100 or more per month, most of the time their reasoning behind charging that much money is because they get so many views per month. Check, this shows how popular their site is and then maybe you can possibly trial them for a month and see if you get any leads.

A very important aspect of being a wedding photographer is your customer service skill, always be on the ball and be very clear with your clients, don’t wait to long to reply to their emails, and keep them unto date with whats happening by confirming their payments, and delivering contracts to them.

Its very fulfilling when you start your business from scratch. Your images should speak for themselves when it comes to marketing yourself, but with wedding photography producing great images is 50% and the other 50% is great customer service. If they loved working with you they are going to pass on the good word to their friends and family. Do your job well, and you will find most of your work is in referrals.

Unique Wedding Photography – The Beauty and Benefits of Working in a College Town

Wedding photography is starting to blaze its own trail in the photographic community. Aside from a few major universities in the area, and with no music, fashion,or commercial enterprise that could potentially feed the growth for a photographic community, photography in Raleigh is blooming. And with the advent of digital camera prices dropping, one may think that wedding photography prices would follow suit. Believe it or not the exact opposite has happened; the bar for wedding photo packages has sky-rocketed.

Listed below are a few Reasons why wedding photographers in the Raleigh marketplace captured great photography.

– Education

Wedding photography is a very technically challenging and often times stressful field to be involved with. I’m pretty sure those currently working as wedding photographers can attest to that. What makes photography sooo stressful? Short time-lines, frequent changes and little to no control of the actual events unfolding, make this occupation attractive to a certain personality type(A-Type) who thrives in a fast paced, ever changing environment. With the technical resources in the area in the form of community, state and private colleges, Raleigh wedding photography is certainly emerging as the “birthplace” of many nationally known photographers.

– Technology

Having a tech-savvy population lowers the initial barrier of entry into professional photography. Without doubt, everyone does not meet that standard; there are some that are just following their passion to become a professional photographer, which crowds the market. While this gives an illusion of a crowded market for consumers, on the other hand, it forces photographers to revolutionize new techniques and produce truly creative and breath-taking photography to set themselves apart from the masses.

– Influences

In metropolitan areas, like New York or Los Angeles, you have definitive styles and the more famous photographers greatly influence the photography styles. A photographer tends to follow their own course and pulls influences from around the country, not just one region, which gives them a very unique style and flavor. Located in the center of a geographically diverse state, photographers can hone their skill sets on the beach, the mountains, sports, fashion shows, commercial, and architecturally very easy – all of which influence their wedding photography

Raleigh Wedding Photographers provides some of the most artistic and accomplished photography in the country. While the market is indeed crowded this really is, in the end, a win for the consumer once they get past the initial pain of sorting through pages and pages of photographers to find exactly the style they are looking for.

Saving More Money For Wedding Photography

Surely, everybody wants to have perfect wedding pictures for their special day. This is the main reason for a lot of people to ask help for the professional to handle picture taking during their wedding events. However, hiring professional often requires people to spend a lot of money. Actually, there are some simple solutions if you want to have beautiful wedding pictures for your special days. Here they are.

First, you have to think disposable. Professional photographers might give you great posed photos. However, you have to remember that sometimes they take several times to take a certain pose while you will only get the best shot. Instead, it will be better for you to gather your friends together and ask them to take your picture from some different angles. It is very possible that you will find more than one or two pictures with professional look.

Second, you need to think small. Do not forget that there are kids among the guests that come to your events, and they often see something from very different angle. Let some of them take some pictures and find many surprising photos from their shots.

Third, think more than just the bride and groom. There are more than just the bride and groom in a wedding party. You can seat some close friends aside among the guest and ask them to shoot the pictures of the guests as well as their reaction to the wedding. Besides, you can also ask them to take pictures of some attractive and unique decoration used in the wedding event.

Fourth, you can think about the possibility of education. If you want to really have a professional to handle your wedding, you can ask one of your family members to join courses or classes of photography. Surely, they should attend the classes several moth before the wedding date, so they will have enough time to practice. Then, you can rent camera for the service as well as for the reception.

The last thing to do is calling your friends. Some of your friends in schools or workplace of even friends of your friends might be experts or professional ones in photography field. You can ask their help to handle your wedding.

Those tricks could be great solution to allow you get great wedding photography in cheaper price. Therefore, you can use the money for other requirements. Just try those tricks and see the result.

Characteristics of a Successful Wedding Photography Business

Setting up a wedding photography business is a rewarding career choice. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and the wedding photography business is therefore more recession-proof than many other business right now. And the job satisfaction you get when you produce images and memories that will be treasured for a lifetime is second to none.

So what are the traits of a good wedding photographer? They are many and various but one main one is their attention to detail. That is a skill anyone looking to become a wedding photographer should develop. It could start by becoming aware of the people around you and how they are dressed. This skill can be honed by improving your organizing skills, since as a wedding photographer, the person will need to be very organized.

Another characteristic of a successful wedding photography business is to educate yourself about weddings! There are many details that go along with planning the perfect day for a bride and groom. The wedding photographer’s task is to understand the vision that the bride and groom have for their big day, and capture as many of the details as possible.

So, begin reading as many books as possible on photographing a wedding. Talk to brides who have hired photographers for previous weddings and ask what they found the most difficult dealing with the photographer. Based on their difficulties, think of solutions to these for when your business in wedding photography starts.

A portfolio will be necessary for you to become a wedding photographer. This is one way of proving to the bride and groom that you are able to properly photograph the wedding day for them. Even before the wedding photography business is officially started, spend time helping family and friends photograph a wedding.

Take pictures of areas of the wedding and these pictures can go into your portfolio. For example, helping a cousin choose a wedding dress can result in pictures of her wearing different wedding dresses. Simple activities such as this can create a great portfolio.

When looking to start a wedding photography business, it is a good idea to spend time working as a wedding photography intern. If the person does not have any friends who are wedding photographers, they can contact well-known wedding photographers in his or her area and ask if they would like an intern. Most likely they would say yes.

Working as an intern will give someone the “hands-on” experience of seeing what it is to run a business as a wedding photographer. This is also a great way to pick up on tips that the wedding photography books do not tell you.

It is also a good idea to develop packages based on what you can offer. For example, a simple package could just be of photos arranging the cake, decorations, and flowers, while a full package can be photos of most of the wedding guests, with the limousine, and at the reception. These itemized packages will help the bride and groom choose and see exactly what they can expect for the price they are paying.

Organisation, education and experience are the keys to a successful wedding photography business together with talent, of course.

Reliable Solutions to Plan Inventories

People hear about operations planning and sales. The whole thing is covered by many online websites who keep a count on all the essentials. The supply chain around the optimized inventor buffers can be enabled if required. It can also reduce the lead time of customers, order fill rates get increased and even look after the material scarcity. You can even make your own rules for demand planning and forecasting. Different types of strategies are being made by different people and groups. Strategies for multiple suppliers and sourcing of multiple plants with different kinds of postponement and qualifications strategies are being developed.

A different set of environment is required for forecasting which includes inventory optimization, planning for supply, demand planning and lot more. There is a workflow which different companies follow. Some make their own rules and plans and some follow a different set of rules already planned. A lot of patience and energy is required to get the job done but it’s a different experience which these online companies are giving people now a days. With all these things there are a few more things that can be done. Such as leading time can be reduced, the expanding cost can be reduced, proper management for co/by products and even raw material levels and safety stacks need to be optimized.

When it comes to planning your ideas you need to synchronize eyes with your brain so that everything is crystal clear with a single blink. There are different expectations like demand factors, volatile supply, planning and thinking environment and lot more. Focus is the key to plan any idea you have in your brain on every key point and essential data. Many things have changed such as plan utilizations which are optimized, reduction of overtime and lot more. The supply chain planning and multiple locations can be achieved after synchronization.

Online companies give you a whole new experience of learning they tell you about the on-going strategies in the market and give you a fair chance to try it in the real market. Different companies have different resources and different planning strategies. A plan is set on different stages, reduction of inventories, enhancing responsiveness and many more only by strategizing with small and productive plans and ideas. Various ideas can be synchronized and can be worked on by taking different time frame. It is very important that the total plan only contains essential and very vital details to be worked on.

Design to work upon an idea:

• Plans should be made quickly and only the constraint-based ideas should get the focus.
• Reduction of lead time is very important.
• Open work orders, excess inventory and overtime should be reduced.
• The planning for equitable inventory should me made easier by simplifying the idea.

Planning, plotting and implementation are the three basic steps to convert your normal idea into working ideas. There are online companies who give the real solutions to all your problems and dilemmas. People all over the world try these tricks and they get remarkable results.

Give Your Business the Benefits of Automation and Grow the Revenue

The landscape of business has seen a massive transformation over the years, particularly after the arrival of cloud computing. Earlier, options were not there to run, control and manage operations and executive plans from outside the office premises. In fact, businesses could not be run from anywhere and this somewhat brought a slew of restrictions and curbed freedom to a great extent. The scenario has changed, and changed for better, as running businesses is now a geography-neutral exercise. What’s more, it’s now possible to run businesses from any device without facing much of an issue. This is the power of cloud computing and it’s growing in popularity and usages.

In a way, businesses can now leverage a powerful automation platform and increase sales and maximize business efficiency with effortless ease. Marketing and sales departments now find it extremely easy to store all information in one place and retrieve them as and when needed for decision-making purposes. To them, managing the interactions with their customers has gone a completely hassle-free exercise. They also don’t face any problems in managing their online marketing campaigns. Even better, everything can be stored in one central platform and everyone in the department will have equal access as per their needs. This is how day-to-day activities have turned easy to manage for businesses across industry verticals.

More so, cloud computing helps marketing and sales teams to streamline their activities and take out bottlenecks in an efficient manner. More so, generating high quality leads becomes possible as team members are now aware of all processes within the department. This is why real results are driven and businesses go on to achieve their objectives in a time-specific manner. Similarly, a business remains in full command of every lead, every customer and every opportunity, which is never an easy thing to do. Any member of the team can track all customer information in one place without requiring any managerial authentication.

The best part of cloud computing is its suitability to each and every member of the sales or marketing team. So, it does not matter whether one is a sales representative in the out in the field or sales manager sitting in the office – it serves them all with equal purpose and helps accelerate productivity. Doing more from anywhere is a possibility and this is how businesses grow and expand their base. This is also how complex business processes are automated to bring more productivity to the business. All this helps business make insightful decisions and leverage the combine virtues of mobile, cloud and social together.

In overall, it is an utterly sensible decision to invest in a feature-rich and cloud-based automation platform to give the business the kind of pace and rhythm the current time demands. This is the only way to keep all vital information in one place and prioritize them to bolster the process of decision making. It’s the only way to get most up-to-date information about customer and understand their needs in a better way. So, your business should go with automation and get an edge in the market.

Health Literacy: A Strategic Marketing Asset And Corporate Social Responsibility

Health literacy can be defined as people’s competencies to access, understand, appraise and apply information to make health decisions in everyday life. It helps individuals make healthy choices in times where the boundaries between work and life aren’t so clear anymore.

When people fall ill, they seek the best treatments possible. But, how could they know about those treatments if they aren’t provided with easy-to-understand information in the first place? Pharmaceutical firms develop countless drugs and devices to assist people in managing their condition, but only on a few occasions are advertisements presented in a way that educates the patient. By spending more time in ensuring that all their communications are clear to people of any education level, pharmaceutical firms can improve health literacy.

Challenges Faced With Health Literacy

According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (Health Communication Activities), over a third of US adults-77 million people-would have difficulty with common health tasks, such as following directions on a prescription drug label or adhering to a childhood immunization schedule using a standard chart.1

A report presented by the Institute of Medicine suggests that 90 million people, nearly half of the adult US population, lacks health literacy skills needed to understand and act on health information and health system demands.2 Healthcare advertising has a long way to go before patients can find it easier to relate and understand the information they’re receiving from these businesses.

The current methods being used to market to people with health conditions is making patient education fall by the wayside. People find actors and models less relatable when compared with real patients. If patients lack the health literacy that is needed to understand the ads, the information provided could mislead them or be misunderstood.

“ONLY 12 % of Adults have proficient health literacy”

The US Department of Health and Human Services reported that only 12 percent of adults have proficient health literacy.3 Poor patient education could lead to poor management of chronic ailments and even cause setbacks. People may skip their much-required appointments or tests, lack the ability to manage conditions, get hospitalized often and face increased health care costs. If patients aren’t aware of the questions they should ask about their medicines, in essence of how the medicine would act or react, they could experience negative outcomes.

Health Literacy As A Strategic Marketing Asset And Corporate Social Responsibility

Health literacy can cease to be a challenge if both pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers take measures to educate their patients. The rapid development of different communication channels has made people seem omnipresent. This gives healthcare professional access to a variety of communication channels (social media, blogs, community forums, patient education drives, etc.) to get health information across.

While there are plenty of ways for pharmaceutical businesses to improve marketing through health literacy, the first step would be to begin with writing information that will be easily understood.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

– Leonardo da Vinci

Using technical jargons (in this case-industrial medical terminology) can interfere with health literacy because patients can’t make sense of what the words mean. Pharmaceutical companies should stick to the local language and writing style in order to ensure that people know what they’re doing by using a specific medical device or taking a medication.

Even the way information is laid out can improve comprehension. The US Department of Health and Human Services suggest that the text should be in at least 12-point font with little or no formatting, such as script or italics.4 Images and bullet points can be used to space out information and add meaning to your communication. Facts should be presented in short sentences and phrases so that patients do not get overwhelmed when they’re reading a health literature.

Multi-channel marketing has its own set of challenges. Pamphlets and brochures offer small bursts of information at one place. However, when it comes to websites, most people struggle to search for information. If pharmaceutical companies are seeking to expand their web presence and invest in various Web Marketing activities, it will be wise to design sites that are user-friendly. These websites need to have clear categories, keep a simple layout and use a variety of media.

Bearing in mind the explosion of information that is now available to patients, direct-to-consumer advertising is the best bet for pharmaceutical firms. By presenting information in an easy-to-understand manner, pharmaceutical companies can increase patient education with their publication.